Debbie Jones Online Cash Course

Shockingly, the Debbie Jones Online Cash Course is still flooding the Internet. If you haven't seen this dubious work from home system, consider yourself lucky. I researched it a while back and was shocked at what I found. You may want to take a look at my research here:

Be sure to pay attention to the part about Theresa Andrews - a.k.a. Teresa Andrews, Debbie Jones. Just that part will save you from a great deal of headaches and wasted money.

If you have seen stories about Theresa Andrews work from home programs, you may also want to take a look at this page about the various work at home scams that have used the Theresa Andrews name to promote them.

Here's another way some of these scams work:

"Like "Home Job Institute", they have an online advertisement that promises that you will make $ 15.00 a link, posting links for major businesses ! They claim they are accredited by the " Better Business Bureau ", but a quick and very easy check on the BBB's website has them listed as a scam to avoid. All the bells & whistles on their site, such as " As seen on.. CNN, BBC, USA TODAY, ABC and MSNBC ". Sure makes it look legitimate to someone with.." No experience needed ! ". All looks great and they even put a working calculator on the site, so you can workout the huge amount of money you will make."

A “work at home” scheme that didn’t work

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