Home Profit Masters Scam - Facts And Fiction

This is a new scam related to several other scams I've warned about. I've provided a summary of the problems here. If you are looking for the full write-up with comments, I suggest you read my Home Profit Masters Scam Analysis.


Facts (with resource links).

  • Testimonials used on Home Profit Masters are exactly the same or similar to ones associated with a site shut down by the FTC in 2009 - link to proof.
  • Site is registered to PE Gannuscia (Phillip Gannuscia)
  • Phillip Gannuscia is listed at the BBB for the company DS Developement - link to BBB details.
  • On March 4, 2010 the Utah Division of Consumer Protection issued an Administrative Citation against Drop Ship Development LLC (see BBB link above and check "Government Actions" site.
  • Phillip Gannuscia is well known to some of the regular posters at RealScam - Online Profit Masters - Scam Or Legit
  • Other sites associated with with Online Profit Masters are
    • Income Masters Institute - where a shill from the company was busted here.
  • Home Profit Masters is being promoted by fake news sites.


  • You can make money by simply posting links.
  • The bogus income projection tables that suggest that the more links you post the more money you make.
  • Jane Simmons - A fake, made up person.


  • If Angela Bussio truly endorses this program.

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